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Gate House Academy Reviewed

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Gate House Academy
Reviewed By Content Team
To Provide Effective Treatment to Addicted Young Adults
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Types of Services Offered
- For Parents
- About Gatehouse Academy
- For Young Adults 17-25
- Research Center
- Admissions
Review Based on Parents / Consultants Voting
After analyzing the above mentioned website, it is clear that it is about a drugs and alcohol rehab academy that provides help to young youths ages 17 to 25 who are badly addicted to drugs and require treatment. It is a co-ed long-term treatment center. The mission of the academy says that they aim at guiding young people towards life of excellence, enhancing leadership quality and services. Students are taught life skills, how to handle responsibility and several ethical works and also receive therapeutic and clinical services as per their needs.

Addiction treatment programs include medical, residential, learning, recreational and family contact support in order to best meet the needs of each individual. The staff members, therapists and experienced medical professionals work with each individual to create a path to the recovery of the patient. They provide tools to the participants to cope with struggle of life, empowering them to save themselves. They have all staffs that have experience in recovery of life.

The academy is well planned and is cultivated with positive peer group so that the residents learn to handle responsibility and gain leadership quality. They are put in group and ask to do their daily work together like preparing meal, cooking, shopping, yoga, art, music and many more. Life of young adults at the academy is not limited to a classroom. They are allowed to breathe in the outside environment also. Hence they are provided with the facility to roam in the town and interact with people. They engage the residents to that extend that they do not get time to think about ill things like addiction.
Useful Links and Pages Starting
For parents: It is the first link clicking on which you will come to know about how the academy helps your child to come out of the addiction.

About gatehouse Academy: This is another link which explores the location and the programs that the academy offers to the residents.

Young Adults: Another link is For Young Adults 17-25, that tells about the rehab center and the activities that they provide to the young adults.
Contact Info
Phone Number: (888) 730.0905
City: Wickenburg
State: Arizona
Country: USA
Gate House Academy is Placed in these Categories
Teenagers Drug Rehabs
Struggling Youths Consultants
Troubled Teens Help
Number of Gate House Academy Reviews: 16
Mt teen is 20 year's old and was drug-addicted. Now he starts hating drugs.I am thankful to Gate house academy.
Name: Alyssa Star Rating:
Gatehouse academy is a drug rehab center for adults of age group 17 to 25. Dual diagnosis treatment facility is offered to addicted teens. An integrated approach of natural environment along with assistance of staff is provided by the center. Residence are kept separate from therapy and academics in order to heal the feelings of addicts.
Name: Nibz Star Rating:
My insurance company refused to fund any part of my payment after reviewing the qualifications of the staff. I paid anyway as I believed the stuff I read on their web site. Probably the biggest mistake I ever made with regard to my son's mental health. These people did an incredible disservice to him. In my opinion they are interested solely in their bottom line to the exclusion of all else.
Name: Andy Newton Star Rating:
Gate House Academy states in its application that it is not a drug treatment center and it is also not much of a school(all online classes) So what is it? I went there for 12 months and the only explanation I can think of is that it is a group of unqualified people posing as a treatment center and absolutely incapable of providing the help needed to treat persons suffering from addiction. It is all just a front so they can make money. And the fact that they are not technically a treatment facility means that they do not receive any sort of regulation by the Govt. Do not get scammed by these liers. It also has some weird cult connections too. Do your own research and find out for yourself. or go here and read for yourself:
Name: Scott Star Rating:
Saved my kids life, we owe them big time
Name: MIke bannerson Star Rating:
Saved my teens life. Very good, well-structured long term drug rehab.
Name: Mike S Star Rating:
I had a close friend go there and am amazed at how she is doing now! She was reluctant at first but it has been over a year and shes going great!!
Name: Tiffany Star Rating:
outstanding facility.
Name: Tiffany Steeds Star Rating:
These guys changed my life and treated me like a somebody. It didn't feel like a drug treatment place. It was something much more.
Name: John Grady Star Rating:
Gatehouse Academy is a great program to work for. I have such a great sense of accomplishment when I go home, is it truly a blessing to be able to help so many people.
Name: Colin Star Rating:
Be VERY CAREFUL about sending someone to this place. I was a resident at Gatehouse Academy for a year, and had a much different experience there than that advertised by their website and marketing staff. I am angered to see Gatehouse's website speaking of the facility's "positive peer culture," because I encountered the exact opposite. Almost all of the other residents there wanted nothing to do with recovery or personal growth. The very few that expressed an earnest desire to learn about or better themselves were alienated and harassed by the other residents. Indeed many of the group therapy sessions and so-called AA meetings revolved around making fun of or bitching about the other occupants. I have rarely been in a social environment more toxic than that which I experienced during my year at Gatehouse. I am also very unhappy with my experience with the majority of Gatehouse's clinical and non-clinical staff. A Gatehouse Academy review, which is clearly written by the company’s marketing department (like most of the other “reviews” that one finds online about this institution), states that “[Gatehouse Academy] shuns the sweeping generalizations that are often par for the course in rehab facilities [. . .] Instead of forcing a concept of “what addiction is” upon their residents” (“Gatehouse Academy Reviews, a Unique Approach; However my experience there was that nothing could be further than the truth. During my year stay there, it seemed that almost every resident was put on the medication Seroquel, which is intended primarily for use in patients with schizophrenia. The medication was incredibly sedative, and I remember chunks of every day when I felt barely able to move or stay awake. As neither I nor these other residents were schizophrenic or psychotic, it is completely beyond me as to why we were put on such a powerful tranquilizing medication. Each resident that ended up in the facility was deemed a drug addict, and the motto was, “if you ended up here, you are an addict/alcoholic.” Largely emphasized was that we all had the same problem and that Alcoholics Anonymous was the only real way to solve it. Alone time was regarded with suspicion, because it was viewed as “isolative” and unhealthy (never mind introverted people). Thinking too hard, questioning things, and even speaking in an educated manner was “intellectualization,” an inherent threat to recovery and to the Gatehouse community. During my stay three residents that spoke in an educated manner were put on a week-long ban from talking and were made to dumb down! Needless to say, a proportion of the staff at Gatehouse are truly well-meaning people who want to help young adults facing drug addiction or alcoholism. And it is very possible that the program has changed since I attended several years ago. But overall there was a frightening lack of accountability regarding the actions of the overall program or of the staff. Resident’s calls and letters to parents are censored—as are letters or calls from parents to residents. Any complaints that a resident has about the place are regarded as manipulation, and a parent’s willingness to listen is labeled as codependency. We residents grew to tolerate any of staff’s behavior (no matter how crazy or destructive), because we knew no other choice. In conclusion, do not believe at face value everything that is advertised about Gatehouse Academy. It is very possible that the program has changed, but do a great deal of research and thinking before sending your child there.
Name: Corey Star Rating:
I was a resident and staff memeber at Gatehouse Academy. I entered with no hope and very little desire to live. I initially hated it since I was asked to participate and take responsibility for myself. There were people there who cared enough to push us to do better. I credit Gatehouse with helping to save my life. I believe strongly in what it does. That is why I chose to work there. Many of the people who work there are graduates. That is part of its power. People who have had their lives changed passing on what they have experienced.
Name: Will Star Rating:
As a parent of a young man now several years into recovery, I can recommend Gatehouse without reservation. The program engages young people with a combination of staff experience and peer reinforcement that create an incredible community. Our entire family benefited from the 12 month program.
Name: Les Star Rating:
My daughter has been there for 13 months, and is about to leave in a few days. I have visited 3 times during the year, for the family workshops. I have been 100% impressed by the challenging but supportive environment, the caring and skilled staff, the quality of the therapeutic program, the physical outlets provided (yoga, an equine program, track) and the helpfulness of the family program. The program is layered, and each layer is skillfully integrated with every other layer. My daughter has struggled, and grown,over this year, and it looking forward with eagerness to her next step. BTW, she has a "dual diagnosis" (mental health/chemical addiction) -- but what some reviews said about "medicating" residents seems totally inaccurate,as the effort has been,over the year, to gradually reduce the medications she was taking when she entered and making her less dependent on psychopharmaceuticals. As far as money goes, yes it as expensive and difficult for me, but Gatehouse administration worked with me every step of the way to make it possible. As far as I am concerned, Gatehouse is the best!
Name: Kathie Aberman Star Rating:
My 19 year old son just graduated from Gatehouse Academy in December, 2011 after spending a year in treatment at the facility. This excellent program took a boy who had lost all hope and ambition and gave us back a man who believes in himself and has goals and aspirations and a positive future ahead. My son and our whole family concur that Gatehouse saved his life. He left home feeling and looking dark, sullen and hopeless. He now radiates from within and is genuinely happy for the first time in years. We can't believe this is the same person. My husband and I feel fortunate to have witnessed this transformation in so many of the residents. It has been a joy to behold! Among the many gifts we received from Gatehouse,our famly relationship has been restored; our son's mental health issues were treated with expertise and professionalism; our lives have taken a new and positive direction. Today for the first time in years, our son's mental health is stable. We attribute this to the assessment and accurate diagnosis made while in Gatehouse, and to the expert medication management. The program is genius, the staff is top-notch, and the parent education component is excellent and so valuable. The self-respect that Gatehouse residents take from the program is worth a million dollars and is life-changing. My whole family is so thankful for this program and would wish that all struggling teens could go to Gatehouse Academy.
Name: Lissa Anderson Star Rating:
What I find disturbing is that so may people continue to endorse Gatehouse after it clearly violates ethical and legal standards in the business (Although I know that many employees of Gatehouse were required to post positive reviews online, so some of these reviews may be a reflection of those) Fact: Multiple staff members engaged in illegal activity (smoking crack, having sex with residents including underage 17 year olds) Fact: The company's CEO, Kent Sherman, was involved with an illegal operation that included narcotics, weapons misconduct, and money laundering. In August 2011 he was convicted of two counts solicitation of a crime and one count of illegal enterprise. Fact: The company ignored safety standards of their campus and allowed the facilities to deteriorate at the expense of residents' safety (bunk beds fell down, one young man had to receive staples in his head...) I could go on and on. Like all parents with a child with a substance abuse problem, I sent my child to Gatehouse because I was desperate and scarred. I believe the facility took advantage of my emotions and played on my fears so that I would pay month after month to keep my child there. Had I known at the time what was going on I would have NEVER sent my child there to begin with. The facility has closed down, but I believe it is important that the truth of what occurred there be made public so that these abuses do not happen again. Please, people. It's great for everyone who got or stayed sober at Gatehouse, but the ends do not justify the means. The world deserves to hear the truth and these violations of professional and ethical standards are simple unacceptable.
Name: Autumn Star Rating:
GHA Involved with money laundering and fraud. Mass HIPPA violations. So if your kid went their well hundreds of other people also know along with their medical information. PLace was shut down soon after Kent Sheram was busted. The thing is he never served a day in jail. What a shame. That man stole hundreds of thousands of dollars while smoking crack. He is probably finishing up his probation by now. I wonder if he still works in treatment. He also had some help but the other staff members never got in trouble. THe year i spent their was mostly negative to say the least.
Name: Millisa Love Star Rating:
State revokes license of marriage
Name: Adam B Star Rating:
Here is some helpful links regarding GateHouse Academy.‎‎
Name: Tony Gomez Star Rating:
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