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Help for Troubled Girls
For Girls
Appropriate Curable Programs for Troubled Girls
Short term and long term treatment Programs comprises of Schools, Programs, Camps and Treatment Centers in order to provide suitable cure and help to change the behavior and attitude of those girls who are having symptoms of trouble.
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Who Are Troubled Girls?
Troubled girls are generally the adult girls who are suffering from physical, mental, emotional and behavioral problems which include anger, drug or alcohol addiction, mental issues like learning disability, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), depression, behavioral problems like aggression towards others, laying, defiant, social withdrawal, running away from home, physical problem includes overweight or obesity, teenage pregnancy and lose weight etc.

Symptoms of these troubles
Sudden changes in working behavior, sleeping or eating habits, lack of physical appearance, running away from responsibilities, poor relationship with friends and family, stealing habits, mind is out of control, hurt others and often feel angry, doing careless things, unable to read or write the words and sometimes unable to recognize the visual things etc.

1. Programs for treating distracted girls:
2. Boarding schools for girls
3. Wilderness program
4. Treatment centers
5. Boot camps
6. Summer Camps
7. Military Schools

How Boarding Schools Proves Effective to Distressed Girls?
Boarding school helps them to recover from their problem through various educational programs. The cost of these schools is near about $3500 to $7500 per month.

In what way wilderness Programs helps Violent Young Girls?
Wilderness program provides benefits to problematic girls as they are distanced from negative social standards and absorbed in a culture which is completely based on reality, honesty and open communication. This is a short term program and mainly cost $8000 to $14000.

Why should Parents approach Treatment Centers for their Struggling child?
Treatment centers offer wide range of treatment programs which also include medication program. They provide information to teens and their family about the effects of alcohol or drugs and other mental disorder. This program is of 9 to 18 months and costs ranges from $4,900 to $19,000 per month.

Treatment in boot Camps for Rebellion Girl
Boot camps are also very effective as they provide many recreational activities to them in order to entertain them and promote their health. Treatment in this camp is not only physically but also mentally and religiously. Juvenile boot camps is least expensive and the cost for this camp beginning at $3500.

Benefits of Summer Camp to Defiant Teenagers
Summer Camp can make a remarkable difference in their behavior and decision making by emphasizing experiential therapy and providing high large number of field instructors to the students of this camp. The cost for this camp ranges from free to over $10,000.

What actually Military School Did for Desperate Kids?
Military Schools helps to change their lifestyle and they learn to respect their authority and parents. Co-ed Military schools are also there but they usually maintain separate programs and facilities for girls. This school run for standard nine months and most of this usually cost about $3,000 to $5,000 per month.

Solutions for Teenage Pregnancy Problems in Society: For teenage pregnancy problems many counselors are available in the country for helping out of controlled girls and they provide them all kinds of information related to pregnancy like pregnancy facts, pregnancy statistics and prevention and they also guide them to save their life and their baby's life.

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