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Youths ADHD Disorder

Child facing problem in concentration and mental focus

Youths ADHD Disorder

What is ADHD?

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The boys have more probability affected from the problem rather than girls. It is a psychological or neuro-behavioral disorder that generally starts during the stage of childhood.

Types of Attention Deficit Disorders:

There are three types of ADHD such as
- Predominantly Inattentive
- Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive
- Combined Type

What are the possible causes of ADHD?
There are many causes such as heredity, abnormal level of dopamine or norepinephrine chemicals, brain-injury or pre-birth.

What are the symptoms of this disorder in teenagers?

Following are the symptoms of this problem:
- impatience and hyperactive
- Talkative-attitude
- distraction
- fidgety

What are the Treatment options that treatment centers provide?

The residential treatment centers provide stimulant medications, hypnotics, mood-stabilizers, antidepressant medications, therapies, homeopathic treatment and herbal remedies for the affected adolescents.

What types of food-items are recommended by the health practitioners for youths with psychological disorders?

- The food-items; rich in protein/vitamins /minerals
- fresh vegetables
- fresh fruits

ADHD affected juveniles should avoid:

- Milk
- oily foods
- Sweet dishes
- canned food items

What are the tests of ADHD?

- Neuro-feedback and Quantitative EEG
- DSM-IV test to check the symptoms
- TOVA test to check the level of inattentiveness
- Bender Gestalt test (visual-motor-integration test)
- WISC-R IQ test
- WRAT; Achievement test

What skills the disordered youth can develop from recovery treatment program?

- Communication skills
- problem solving techniques
- Note-making skills and some other life-skills

What are the possible conditions that can co-exist with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

- Learning disability
- ODD i.e. Oppositional Deficit Disorder
- CD; stands for conduct disorder
- bipolar disorder
- Anxiety
- Depression

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