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Teenagers Bipolar Disorder

Serious mental illness among youngsters

Teenagers Bipolar Disorder

Symptoms of bipolar disorder:

Bipolar disorder is a depressive disorder which causes shifts in mood energy, thinking, and behavior towards depression. The person suffering from this disease may always feel tired and hopelessness. They talk so rapidly that others can’t keep up their words. They are unable to concentrate and are highly distractible. People experiencing bipolar disorder sleeps very little and is hyperactive.

Names and categories of bipolar disorder:

There are many names used for bipolar disorder like manic depression, manic depressive disorder, manic depressive illness, bipolar mood disorder, and bipolar affective disorder. It is classified into three categories: bipolar 1, bipolar 2, cyclothymic disorder. These classifications are done by mental health experts as there are different symptoms of the disease in different people.

Advices and Tools for Bipolar Teens:

Teenagers suffering from bipolar disorder need individual educational plans (IEPs) or other specialized arrangements that deal with aspects of the problem. There is a need of great support system along with diagnosis and medication to help youth facing challenges of bipolar disorder. For teenagers with bipolar disorder communication with parents is necessary to deal with their depressive mood.

Bipolar disorder in schools:

The biggest challenge for a teen with bipolar disorder is to attend school. There are lots of options that can be selected by the parents to deal with this problem. Public schools assist such students by arranging schedules and classes to tailor their emotional needs. Private schools accommodate teens with bipolar disorder and provide the facility of medication along with education. There is another schooling environment known as home schooling that provide accommodation and needs of adolescents.

Treatment for bipolar disorder:

Untreated bipolar disorder can pose the problems in future like in career and relationship. Diagnosing the problem and getting into treatment soon can prevent these complications. The teens require long term treatment and medication to deal with this issue. There is a need of lifestyle change and social support for the teens having bipolar disorder. In addition the teens self help like education and mood monitoring is the best way to keep away the problem of bipolar disorder.

Programs for dealing with Bipolar disorder:

There are varieties of treatment centers which treat the psychological and emotional problems of youngsters in successful ways.

Residential Treatment Centers: Residential treatment clinics offer several therapeutic assessment and intervention as well as psychotherapy programs for treating the distressing issues of stressed boys and girls.

Therapeutic centers: Therapeutic centers appoint multi skilled counselors, therapists and psychiatrists to serve the juveniles to get safe recovery from poor emotional and mental problems.

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