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Teenagers ADD Disorder

Poor Attention, Distractibility and impulsive behaviors in Teens

Teenagers ADD Disorder

What is ADD?

ADD is known as Attention Deficit Disorder (sometimes also known as ADHD). ADD is a type of neurobiological disorder, characterized by existence of attention problems. It mostly appears in childhood and more prevalent amongst the children facing disturbed family background. The teens struggling from ADD are found engaged in various disappointing activities like blurting out inappropriate comments, disobeying instructions and creating unnecessary disturbances.

Causes of ADD

Environmental factors- Environmental factors like artificial color in food materials, pollution, excess use of chemicals and etc are some possible reasons of this disorder.

Genetic Factors-ADD disorder can also be inheritable. This means that if a person is suffering from this disorder, his children also have chances of adopting the disease.

Social Factors- The children who have suffered some emotional and physical violence have more chances of facing this disorder.

Symptoms of ADD

There are three primary characteristics of ADD i.e. hyperactivity, distraction and impulsivity and some other symptoms are

- Frequent mood swing
- An internal sense of anxiety
- Sense of underachievement
- Procrastination
- Poor financial management
- Tendency to worry needlessly and endlessly

Treatment for ADD Disorder

There are different treatment centers like residential rehabs; Christian based schools, rehabilitation and restoration centers and other options offering treatment to the troubled teen struggling from ADD disorder

Behavioral Interventions - Cognitive Remediation Therapy (CRT) and Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) are the two best known therapies used for the treatment of this disorder.

Diet - Improper diet system also leads to ADD syndrome. Studies show that the 60% of human brain is composed of lipids. These lipids are basically fat. Unhealthy diet may cause variation in fat percentage and thus affects the brain which may result in ADD.

Medications - Medication programs for ADD can be of 14 months to 3 years. This is the most cost effective therapy for the treatment of this disorder.

Aerobic Fitness - It is related to athletic performances. Studies show that the teens facing this problem can get an effective help from aerobic fitness programs. These programs help the youngsters to improve their cognitive functioning.

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