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Teen Self Injury Problem

Teenagers Harming themselves to get relief from their pressure and anger

Teen Self Injury Problem

Self injurious behaviors that can be seen in depressed teenagers

The unhappy teens can harm themselves by cutting, burning, hitting, piercing, hair-pulling, reopening wounds or by drinking the alcohols. The autistic or mentally retarded teenagers generally exhibit such injurious nature.

What causes self injury?

Stress or trauma causes self injury. This problem is generally found in girls. Teens’ injuries may vary from minor cuts to serious wounds. Problem of self-injury is also termed as Self-harm syndrome.

Self-harming shows that the teenagers had not learn the positive ways of fighting with stress or trouble ever before. Struggling youths can acknowledge the coping techniques from the Youths treatment programs.

Some of the factors of self-injury problem are listed below:

- Death of a near or dear one.
- Divorce of parents
- Family atmosphere is not good.
- Fear of losing something

Why do teens used to hurt themselves?

Youngsters used to harm themselves in order to reduce their stress levels. They find better to feel pain on their body instead of the soul. When the difficult youths can’t express themselves via the words then they do such actions to get the attention of others. The isolated teens who lack affection in the family can take such steps. Sometimes, when the troubled children lost interest in their life then they may attempt suicide.

Teachings that should be provided to the teens struggling with self-harm syndrome.

The youth-adults should analyze that the human life is sacred and they must value it. They should share their troublesome circumstances with elders or friends in order to get appropriate solution. Anger-management is required for them because anger can promote the complexities.

Spiritual teachings of Bible also play healing impact on such problematic children.

Three Models of self-harming Behavior

The self-harming nature has been classified into three models; first model is ‘primary self destruction’. The teens belong to this model knows well that they are doing what they should not do but in order to gain the attention of others, they do.

The second model is trade-off model in which the person blames others for the problematic behavior for example the smokers or drinkers usually blames the persons or circumstances that put them in trouble.

The teenager that belongs to third model neither wishes nor foresees the injury to self. Anxiety or low self may lead the teenager for such actions.

Treatment recommended for self-destructive adolescents

The anti-depressants and cognitive behavioral therapy are helpful for self-destructive kids. The health practitioners or therapists provide atmosphere that enable the children to calm down. Music-therapy has also been provided at the treatment programs.

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