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Sleeping Disorder in Teens

Problem of awakeness when achild needs to sleep

Sleeping Disorder in Teens

What is sleeping disorder?

Sleeping disorder is a medical disorder in which person develops unusual sleeping patterns. Delayed sleep phase syndrome is the most common sleeping disorder amongst the teenagers. Person suffering from this disease starts behaving like “a night owl”. When rest of family members wants to go to sleep, they don’t. They want to sleep later in the morning. It can be an occasional sleepless night or series of such nights. Teens suffering from sleeping problem can have to face difficulties in job, studies and relation.

Causes of Sleeping Disorder

Different medical problems, psychological disorder, and neurological disorder cause sleep sickness. The medical problems that affect sleep include heart disease, asthma, rheumatic disorder and etc. Psychological disorders associated with sleep problem are depression, panic attacks and anxiety disorders. There are also some neurological disorders responsible for above mentioned illness. Some of these are headache problem, strokes and neuromuscular disorder.

Symptoms of Sleeping disorder

Some important symptoms of sleep syndrome can be discussed as below

- Insufficient sleep
- Difficulty falling sleep
- Forgetfulness
- Depression
- Difficulty concentration
- Irritability

Effects of this disorder

The above mentioned problem affects an individuals work, studies and relations. Some of its effects are listed below

- Stress
- Lack of concentration
- Disturbance in studies and relations
- tiredness

Treatment for sleeping disorder

Treatment centers offer various therapies to the person suffering from sleep problem. These programs help the teens in changing their sleep pattern. Some of treatment measures are mentioned below

Self Care - It includes elimination of caffeine, avoidance of tobacco, avoidance of unhealthy drugs, medication and etc. All these are effective measures for prevention of sleeping problem.

Drug treatment - There are number of drugs available in market for the treatment of sleep sickness. Doctors are best guide for different drug treatments.

Massage therapy - It actually helps in relieving tension before going to sleep. Thus help the under pressure teens to get a good night sleep.

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