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Sexual Problem in Youths

Teenagers attraction towrads opposite sex

Sexual Problem in Youths

Sexual problems:
A sexual problem is also known as sexual dysfunction that refers to a difficulty, throughout any stage of the sexual response cycle. It is a problem that involves any type of out of controlled sexual activity that is mysterious, shaming or violent. It prevents the person or couple from experiencing pleasure from the sexual activity. It has four stages: plateau, orgasm, excitement, and resolution. Sexual problems in young girls have been found 10% more than boys.

Causes of sexual problems:

Sexual problems can be a consequence of physical or psychological disorder. There can be many physical conditions behind the sexual problems, like diabetes, neurological disorders, alcoholism, drug abuse etc. Side effects of some medication can also be the reason of sexual problems. Psychological disorder can also cause sexual problems. It includes work-related strain and anxiety, marital, relationship difficulty, effects of a past sexual trauma etc. Both boys and girls can be affected by the sexual problems. Sexual problems arise in adults and teens of all ages.

Type of Sexually problematic children:

Sexually inappropriate children: These children show the behavior including making sexual remark, gestures, touching one self and so forth.

Sexually intrusive children: These children make sexual contact with other person but do it so only briefly.

Sexually aggressive children: These children make significant contact resulting in completion of sexual act.

Tests for evaluation of sexual problems:

Many tests like, Blood tests, vascular assessment, sensory testing, Nocturnal penile tumescence and rigidity testing are performed to diagnose sexual problems.


Sexual problems may or may not be prevented. There are some suggestions for the people can follow to maintain good sexual function including, follow doctor's treatment table for any fitness/health conditions, limited alcohol intake, deal with any emotional or mental issues such as stress, sadness, and anxiety, Increase communication.

Treatment for Sexual problem in children:

- Sex addiction treatment program: This program includes current stressors, points of growth, shock, present health concerns, etiology of the sexual problem, and family of source issues.

- Cognitive behavior therapy: Evidences are presents which show children who receive high structured cognitive behavioral therapy show greater reduction in inappropriate sexual behavior.

- Treatment centers: Treatment clinics appoint certified sexologists, consultants and counselors for treating the sexuality related problems in teenage boys and girls.

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