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Military School Problems

Problems faced by students due to strict discipline and rules

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Military School Problems

What are Military Schools?

Military schools are simple structured schools which have some rules and regulations. They use systematic approach to make the problematic youths free from their problems. These academies maintain their discipline and principles which are helpful to make teenagers obedient and well mannered. They organize various summer camps in summer vacations, in which they provide training programs and courses along with the certified and experienced counselors or faculties according to the requirement of the troubled teen and help teenagers to return back their happy and healthy life as soon as possible.

Characteristics of Academies

- Enhance life skills and hidden talents
- Highly skilled team members
- Safe atmosphere
- Built career for better future
- Built self-confidence
- Offers catholic values and prayers
- Challenging Programs
- Adventurous activities
- Chance to improve life skills
- Outdoor activities
- Develop life skills
- Qualified instructors and physicians

Problems of Military Schools

They Don’t Admit Struggling Teen Having Emotional Problems

Military camps do not give any in-school treatment programs. They don’t have any solid follow-up programs and equipments or support systems which are needed for defiant adolescents and their parents. They provide systematic approach to make unmotivated children obedient and well mannered. They provide only few services such as:

- qualified or certified trainers
- supportive environment
- summer programs

These camps are not helpful for emotionally depressed juveniles.

They Don’t Admit Violent Adolescents Having Behavioral Problems

Military academies are not helpful to resolve the behavioral problems which include these problems such as:

- ADD disorder
- ODD disorder
- ADHD disorder
- Clinical Depression

They don’t have any organized systems to resolve these problems. These academies are basically important for mentally and physically fitness purpose.