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Learning Disabilities of Kids

Not able to memorize or understand the things

Learning Disabilities of Kids

What is Learning disability?

Learning disorder is a disability of a human to learning in a typical pattern. LD is the result of brain’s disability to receive, process, or communicate the information. Learning disordered children feels problem in dealing out with sensory information as they see, hear, and understand things differently. They can not learn quick as the other person who does not have LD can. This disability can not be completely cured or fixed. However, people having this disability can succeed in school and can live a successful and normal life.

Common types of learning disabilities:

Dyslexia: Problems in reading, writing, spelling, speaking
Dyscalculia: Problems in doing math problems, understanding time, using money
Dysgraphia: Problems with handwriting, spelling, organizing ideas
Dyspraxia: Problems with hand–eye coordination, balance
Auditory Processing Disorder: problems with reading, comprehension, language
Visual Processing Disorder: Problems with reading, math, maps, charts, symbols, pictures.

Parenting a learning disable child:

- Do the research and become an expert: Parents should have the knowledge about the new development, different programs and educational techniques that should provide to learning disable children.
- Maintain proper communication: Parents should communicate time to time to get help for their child. They should maintain their role as a protective parent.
- Keep things in perspective: Parents should support their child and to help them in keeping their self esteem in tact.
- Emphasize on healthy life style habit: Parents should take great care of their life style habit like diet, sound sleep, and regular exercise.

Diagnosis and testing for learning disabilities: Some specialists are trained to do psychological testing. They are:

- Neuropsychologist
- Speech and language therapist
- Developmental psychologist
- Occupational disorder who tests sensory disorder

The most common and effective treatment for learning disabilities is special education. Trained educational psychologist performs evaluation assessing the child's academic and intellectual strength and potential. Once the assessment is finish, the basic step is to teach learning skills with the foundation of child's abilities and strengths. Other professionals such as speech and language therapists also may be involved. Some kind of medications can be effective in helping the learning disabled child. Psychosomatic therapies may also be used.

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