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Drugs and Alcohol Abuse

Problems related to Drugs & alcohol and other Substance Abuse in Teens

Drugs and Alcohol Abuse

What actually mean by Drug and Alcohol abuse

Substance abuse problems are found to be common among teenagers who have been suffering from pain in their life, failure in schools, influenced by modern culture and bad company, wants to get relieve from their stressful life and overburden work. These types of youths generally consume drugs and alcohol in large quantity and become addicted to this life taking substance very soon.

Symptoms of Substance Abuse

- Dilated pupils and blood shot eyes
- Sudden change in appetite and health
- Poor performance in schools and skipping classes
- Demanding privacy and lying
- Not sleeping properly
- Appears lethargic
- Lack of motivation and courage

Reasons for addiction problems among young adults

- Lack of care and support by parents
- Poor peer group
- Ineffective parenting
- Family problems and lots of stress in life
- Financial problems

Treatment programs for abusive substance

Drug and alcohol rehab centers generally provides four different phases of treatment such as:

- Primary care
- Extended primary care
- Secondary care
- Tertiary care

Primary care: Intensive treatment comprises of individual counseling sessions, intensive therapies has been offered to the addicts during three to four weeks. Moreover they offer detoxification process by experienced doctors and psychiatrist if needed by them.

Extended Primary care: Here inpatient program have been offered to the addicted patients for three months. During this period they need to perform some curative activities such as cooking food and gardening etc along with therapy.

Secondary care: Here addicts can get much freedom as compare to other two phases and they needs to participate in written work, career counseling, meetings, one or two therapies daily as well as various therapeutic activities.

Tertiary care: Here addicted youths are given more freedom and they can interact with society and friends but they are restricted to visit bars and interact with addicted person. This programs generally not run daily but occasionally via art therapy group.

Residential treatment Centers for Substance Abuse problems usually have different approach of treatment such as:

- Religious orientation
- Psychoanalysis
- Cognitive behavioral techniques

These centers usually offer detoxification process, family therapy and individual psychotherapy, various effective programs as well as comfortable residential facilities during treatment phase.

Christian drug and alcohol treatment centers usually offers faith based programs and therapies in order to help the addicted youths to realize their responsibilities and to quit abusive substance after healing spiritually.

Help for Parents of the addicted kids

Parents should attend the seminars and meetings arranged by the addiction recovery center in order to completely aware about the harmful effects of abusive substance on the health of their child. Moreover they should send their kids to recovery centers at an early stage of problems so that they need not to face any hazardous effects and critical diseases.

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