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Adolescents Depression

Under pressure situation effects in teens

Adolescents Depression

What is Depression?

Depression is a serious medical illness that affects individual’s behavior, family, work, thoughts, feeling and general health. It is the most common health sickness which limits an individual’s capacity to function normally. This illness is not caused by one factor but there are several factors responsible for adolescent depression. Observations show that every year 4 out of 100 teenagers are getting affected by depression problem.

Types of Depression

Major depression - Symptoms are feeling sad, worthlessness and guilt
Dysthymia – It can be characterized by low self esteem, feeling hopelessness, sleeping problem and eating problem.
Bipolar disorder - When a person feels sadness, hopelessness, frustration and explosive temper.
Seasonal effective disorder - It is a special type of depression which appears and disappears at the same time each year.

Causes of Depression

Family History - It includes various genetic factors.
Trauma and stress - Unwanted changes in life also lead to depression.
Pessimistic Personality - Low esteem is one of major factor causing depression.
Physical Condition - Medical conditions like various health diseases also cause depression.
Other psychological disorders - Anxiety disorder, eating disorder and substance abuse also lead to depression syndrome.

Symptoms of depression

Most common symptoms of depression are listed below

- feeling sad and worthlessness
- feeling guilty for no reasons
- feeling restlessness and tired
- lost interest in life
- negative feeling
- weight changes
- sleeping disturbance
- thoughts of death

Treatment of Adolescent Depression

There are ample of treatment centers that offer treatment for this problem. The programs offered by these centers are given below

Psychotherapy - Teens are helped to overcome feeling of hopelessness. It helps a person in self evaluation. For example how a teen is managing their daily tasks, what they are doing and what they are supposed to do and etc.

Cognitive Therapy - It helps the trouble person to recognize critical life problems. It also helps the person to develop positive skills and interests.

Problem Solving Therapies - This helps the individuals in chopping the areas that are creating difficulties in their live.

Medication- It helps the troubled teens in controlling certain symptoms of depression but it does not cure the disease.

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